• 课程简介 | Program Briefing

    五阶梯管理控制和管理控制师培训课程  | 5-Stages Program for Controlling & Controller Training

    一步一个脚印迈向卓越的管控实践  | Step by Step towards Controlling Excellence

    >> 掌握实用的硬性知识和软性技巧  | Gain practical hard knowledge and soft skills

     >> 培养正确的思维方式和心态  | Develop the right mindset and attitude

    >> 成为企业领导不可或缺的业务伙伴 | Become a valued business partner to your management

            五阶梯管理控制和管理控制师培训课程(以下简称“五阶梯培训课程”)是总部位于慕尼黑的CA管理控制学院(以下简称“CA”)的旗舰产品,CA是德语国家领先的专门从事企业管理控制和管理控制师培训的机构。|  The 5-Stages Program for Controlling & Controller Training (hereinafter as "5-Stages Program") is the flagship product of Munich-based CA Controller Akademie (hereinafter as "CA"), market leader for controlling & controller training in German-speaking countries.

            从1971年阿尔布莱西特戴勒博士创建CA至今(2018年),已有185000多名学员参加了CA的培训,并由此将自己的职业生涯推向了新的高度。CA颁发的培训证书,“CA管理控制师初级证书”和“CA管理控制师高级证书”,在德语国家的企业界广为人知,享有很高的声誉。| Since the establishment of the company in 1971 by German controlling pioneer Dr. Albrecht Deyhle, more than 185,000 inspired participants have attended CA's seminars, thus taking their careers to new heights. Training certificates issued by CA, such as "Controller's Certificate CA" and "Controller's Diploma CA" are well known and highly valued in the business community in German-speaking countries.

            五阶梯培训课程的中文版由黄震博士和CA紧密合作在其德文原版的基础上开发,用中文传授,主要面向德语国家在华企业以及其他外资和中国本地企业,旨在帮助这些企业中的中国本地管理控制师和其他管理专业人士,全面系统地了解和理解德语国家企业管理控制的理念和体系,更好地掌握现代企业管理控制的方法和手段,帮助所在企业全面和持久地提升绩效。| The 5-Stages Program in Chinese language has been developed by Dr. Zhen Huang on the basis of its German origin and in close cooperation with CA. The seminar program in Chinese language is targeting local Chinese controllers and other management professionals in businesses invested by firms coming from the German-speaking countries as well as other foreign-invested and local Chinese companies. It aims to help them to get a systematic overview on the basic ideas and approachs of controlling practiced in the German-speaking countries, to use relevant controlling concepts and tools for achiving total performance excellence in controlling and business in China.

    请在此了解中文版五阶梯课程的培训目标培训对象培训方法以及培训证书等信息。| Please go through the following sections for more information about the objectives, target groupdidactics and training certificates of the 5-Stages Program. 

    要迅速了解五阶梯培训的内容概览, 您可以直接跳转相关页面。| For quick overview on the content of the 5-Stages Program, you can jump directly to the page with its content outline.

    请点击链接了解学员反馈以及部分客户清单。| Please click the links for information about Alumni Testimonial and the list of Selected Clients of us.

            若您想了解本课程更多信息,请关注本站FAQ(常见问答)网页内容或者联系我们。| If you need more information about this seminar program, please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page or contact us.

    • 培训目的 | Training Objectives

      五阶梯培训课程旨在帮助您 | The 5-Stages Program aims to help you to

      • 更好地了解和理解德语国家企业的管理控制理念和体系 | achieve better understanding of controlling approaches and systems practiced in the German-speaking countries,,

      • 学会运用管理控制的方法和工具,改善和优化企业管理控制和企业绩效 | know how to use controlling concepts and tools for improving and optimizing controlling and business performance,

      • 了解一名合格的管理控制师应有的角色、思维方式和工作态度 | be familiar with the expected roles, mindset and attitudes of a professional controller,

      • 加强和其他专业人士的交流,为未来发展建立人脉网络。| share experience with other professionals and create personal network for future development.

    • 培训对象 | Target Group

      五阶梯培训课程主要面向 | The 5-Stages Program is targeting:

      • 企业财务和管控部门的经理和财务管控专业人士 | managers and financial controlling specialists in finance & controlling departments,

      • 在非财职能部门,比如销售、市场营销、产品或者项目管理、生产和供应链或者研发等部门中,从事或者涉及职能部门管控、业务和数据分析或者决策支持工作的人员 | professionals in non-financial departments, such as sales, marketing,product or project management, production & supply chain, or R&D department etc. who are performing or involved in functional controlling, business or data anlysis and decision-supporting jobs,

      • 在董事会秘书处、总经理办公室、公司战略发展规划部、企划部、企管部或者企业内部咨询部等部门中工作,需要了解管理控制知识和技能的人员 | professionals in other organizational units who need controlling knowledge & skills, such as people working in the office of Board of Directors, office of General Manager, corporate strategy development or planning department, department for enterprise management, and/or inhouse consulting department etc.,

      • 希望通过改善管理控制,提升或优化业务绩效的非财部门经理和专业人士, 以及 | non-financial managers and professionals who would like to improve or optimize business performance through better self-controlling, and

      • 其它对管理控制感兴趣的不同行业的专业人士 | other professionals in different industries who are interested in controlling.

    • 培训方法 | Training Methods

              五阶梯培训课程的每堂培训,不仅注重传授给学员实用知识和技巧,而且还要让学员培养起管控工作所需的正确思维方式和心态。|  Each seminar of the 5-Stages Program not only puts emphasis on providing practical knowledge and skills to the trainees but also try to teach them to gain the right mindset and attitude for professional controlling work.

              在线下课堂,培训师主要通过翻纸板或白板上易懂易记的演示,形象生动阐述教学内容,并邀请学员参加课堂研讨、场景模拟和角色扮演,实现尽可能多的教学互动。|  In the classroom session, the trainer vividly explains the teaching content through the easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember presentation on the flip board or the whiteboard, and invites each participant to participate in classroom discussions, case simulation and role play to achieve as many interactions as possible.

              在我们的网上课堂里,学员可以下载资料或通过网上链接获取更多学习资源。| In our Online Training Room, trainees can download seminar material or access more learning resources through online links.

    • 培训证书 | Training Certificates

              每上完一个阶梯的培训课,学员就可获得该阶梯培训课的培训证明,以作为其参加课堂培训和网上课堂活动的记录。| After each stage seminar, trainee will receive a Seminar Certificate which documents his/her participation in the seminar work and learning activities in our online training room.

              完成前三个阶梯培训的学员,将可以另外获得我们的“管理控制师培训初级证书”,以证明自己已经接受了我们前三个阶梯以管控必备知识和硬性技巧为主的的管控培训,成功参加了所有的课堂研讨以及网上课堂的各项活动。| Having attended the first three stage seminars which are mainly focusing on essential knowledge and hard skills, trainee will additionally receive our "Controller's Certificate" which acknowledges his/her work in the three seminars including learning activitíes in our online training room.

              参加完所有五个阶梯培训的学员,将另外获得我们的”管理控制师培训高级证书”,以证明自己在进一步扩展硬性知识和技巧的同时还接受了一名优秀的管理控制工作者必需的软性技巧, 特别是高效沟通、团队合作和领导力方面的培训。| Having participated in the entire 5-Stage Program, trainee will additionally receive our "Controller's Diploma" which acknowledges his/her successful participation in the 5-Stage Program not only for gaining controlling knowledge and hard skills but also for soft skill development relevant for excellent controlling work, such as skills related to high-impact communication, team work and leadership.