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  • 简要介绍 | Brief Introduction

    动员更多人参与内部管控的改进  | Mobilize more peopele for better controlling

            我们已经为不少德资在华企业和其他公司提供企业内训服务,客户中既有大型公司,也包括中小企业。| We have provided in-house training services for many German businesses and other companies in China. Among our in-house training clients, there are both large business groups, as well as small-to-medium-sized companies.

            内训对象既有财务和管控专职人员,也有非财部门的经理和业务骨干。| Both financial and controlling specialists and non-financial managers and business professionals have participated in our in-house training courses.

            关于内训内容,不少客户一般要求以“五阶梯培训课程”或管控专题培训公开课的内容为基础,按照其行业或业务特点加以调整。也有客户希望完全量身定制内部培训课程。对于这些客户,我们可以提供一站式无忧服务。| Regarding the content of our in-house courses, many clients would like to have our "5-Stages Program" or our public Special Courses with modifications according to their specific industry or business characteristics. Some clients would like to have fully customized in-house training program. For these clients, we are ready to provide one-stop careless services.

            请点击下列链接了解我们培训客户的情况。 若要了解更多信息,请联系我们。| Please click here for information about the clients of our training business. If you need more information, please contact us.