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  • 开班计划 | Seminar Schedule

    2023年公开课培训计划尚待公布。您可以将您的联系方式给到我们,我们会将最新开班计划发给您。| Our latest public seminar schedule will be published soon. Please provide to us your contact details. We will send to you our latest schdule once it is published. 

    如果您需要企业内训服务,请随时通过邮箱(联系我们。| If you have inquiry for inhouse training, please feel free to contact us ( 

    如果需要更多信息,请浏览“常见问题”(FAQ)网页或者联系我们。| If you need more information, please go to our "FAQ" (Frequently Asked Questions) page or contact us.

    • 报名者须知 | Notes for Applicants

      请您在报名参加公开课培训前仔细阅读“报名者须知”, 以及我方关于隐私数据保护的声明。| Please read carefully the “Notes for Applicants” and our “Data Protection Statement”, before you start to register for our public seminars.

    • 网上联络 | Online Contact

      请打开下列网上表格或者扫描下列二维码提供您的联系方式,以便我们和您联系。|  Please open the following online form or scan the following QR-Code providing your contact details to us, so that we can contact you!